Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sarah Addison Allen

A friend of mine introduced me to the author Sarah Addison Allen and I am oh so happy she did! She is now one of my absolute favourite novelists. I began reading The Girl Who Chased the Moon (her third book) and fell in love. Minutes after I devoured (yes, devoured!) it, I fed my slightly unhealthy book buying addiction by ordering her three other novels, Garden Spells, The Sugar Queen and her latest creation The Peach Keeper. All of Allen's novels are whimsical, cozy and captivating. They are truly original, special stories full of Southern charm and magic that will stay with me forever. It's a very delightful treat to find a book that you can effortlessly fall into and lucky for me, I was able to find four of them. Most of Allen's female characters are women who are afraid of living their lives to the fullest but as the novels progress, we, the readers see changes in these women, self-realizations enable them to reach their full potential. All four of her books bring unlikely friends together and even less unlikely lovers together. They're so many little magical quirks in her novels which make me love the stories even more. Sarah Addison Allen is a born story teller out to celebrate love, friendship and women.

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